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How to Form a Legacy

This much is certain – everyone wants to leave a positive legacy. An individual’s legacy is something much bigger than themselves. It has the potential to live on and impact many other lives. An individual in recovery has the potential to choose a legacy of sobriety rather than slipping back into their past addictive behavior. […]

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What is Self Control in Addiction?

  Is there a way to exercise more self control when in addiction recovery? Are there strategies that an individual can implement to prevent them from relapsing? Yes, there are. There are ways to resist cravings and overcome negative thoughts, and remain in self control when going through a rough patch in recovery. How Belief […]

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How to Know if the Stress is Too Much

  Stress occurs when the individual perceives that demands placed on them — such as work, school or relationships — exceed their ability to cope. Not all stress is a bad thing. A little bit of stress can keep the individual alert, motivated and ready to respond to threat. Whether it’s preparing for a job […]

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How to Get Motivated in Sobriety

The process of recovery is an enigma unto itself. It can be very fickle. The individual in recovery may have a solid plan to go forward and stay sober, and yet will find that sometimes they are stuck. There is no way forward. This could be because they are caught in the daily grind, or […]

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Can I Have a Sober Summer and Still Have Fun?

Summer can be associated with drinking and letting loose. In reality, summer has nothing to do with drinking, any more than the holiday season does. It is possible to have fun in summer without getting drunk. However, it often seems like everywhere one goes in summer such as beaches, barbecues, picnics and parties, alcohol is […]

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Sober Time is Really Important: Here’s Why

Getting sober is a difficult time but it is necessary for a person to survive recovery. It is very important to focus on sobriety with intentionality and not just expect it to continue happening on its own. Learn why it is so important and how to preserve sober time. It Takes Time Time does not […]

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Teaching Relapse Prevention Skills to Teens

    A person with addiction can return to substance abuse any time following a period of being clean. Doctors refer to it officially as ‘relapse.’ Drug addiction relapse happens in approximately 40-60% of cases. It may pop up when least expected yet it is something which can affect a person for the lifespan. The […]

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Why a Relapse Prevention Plan is Essential

A relapse prevention plan is not something every person thinks about. For those who have stopped using drugs or drinking, it is a good way to remind oneself of planning ahead and starting over in recovery. Prevention plans can help an individual through the inevitable struggles of recovery. What a Plan Entails A relapse prevention […]

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Treating Addiction and Depression in Teens

Depression and addiction feed into one another. When teens suffer from depression or mental health concerns, in combination with substance use disorder, this is called ‘dual diagnosis’ or ‘co-occurring disorder.’ Both problems must be treated concurrently in order to best integrate things and provide the best plan for recovery. Talk Therapies Teens who are depressed […]

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I Don’t Know How to Cope with Relationship Changes

The early days of recovery are a challenge for all involved. When looking back, it can feel like a totally different world. Learning to deal with all the emotional and physical challenges can feel overwhelming. Finding ways to name and claim what has happened is part of the discovery process associated with recovery as is […]

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